Blackhead Steamer



Soften those Blackheads the old fashioned way with our Steamer.


1. Tone yoor face
2. Add a table spoon of the steamer to a heat proof bowl
3. Pour a cup of boiling filtered water over the herbs, allow the herbs to infuse in the water & when the water has changed colour go to step 4
4. Pop a towel over yoor head and then direct yoor face about 20cm from the steaming herbal water (no closer)
5. After only a couple of minutes yoor pores will open wide  & the steam will soften the blackheads
6. Wait for the water have a nice + warm feel to touch
7. Scoop up the herbs & scrub those pesky black heads out of the pores
8. Strain the herbs out of the water & use to wash those blackheads away
9. Take a look in a close up mirror & see if you need a little extra help. If yoo see more blackheads use the Scrub Cleanser in circle motions to deeply clean out any leftovers. Rinse the scrub off with the herbal water
10. Finish with the toner to disinfect the pores & close them again


Certified Organic Herbs

  • Witch Hazel
  • Chamomile
  • Calendula
  • Lavender
  • Borage