The letter that inspired BEYOO ~

I wrote this for my daughter, Gemma, years back to encourage her to embrace her beyootiful. Inside & out. I think we can all embrace a little bit more YOO!

This one is for yoo my girl xx


Beauty to me is…..

Clean and healthy skin

Clean teeth and a smile

Clean and healthy hair

Clean and healthy food

Clean words and thoughts

Clean clothes

Clean and healthy on the inside.

I want to teach my daughter that wanting to feel beyootiful doesn’t mean to over coat yoor skin with makeup or fear wrinkles, skin that is clean, shiny and healthy is beyootiful.

Health and beauty radiates through clean healthy teeth and a smile, so brush them every day and laugh often, there is nothing more beyootiful than a face with character, with lines of laughter, love and life.

Clean and shiny hair simply brushed up in a pony tail, neatly trimmed, is far more beautiful than hair sprayed and torched for hours each day.

To eat clean healthy food yoo will be a nice healthy weight and yoo will glow with health of shiny hair, nails and skin, yoor breath and teeth will naturally be beyootiful.

Clean words, there is nothing more ugly than harsh words and anger, stand up for yourself though there is no need to be mean or gossipy, yoo will be admired & loved.

Clean clothes, dont worry about the fashions of the now, as long as your clothes are clean and feel comfortable to yoo, believe me girl when i say to yoo, a clean potato sack will look good on yoo when yoo are clean and healthy.

It is so ok to play in the garden and get covered in dirt,

It is ok to play in the sea, yoor hair full of salt and sand,

It is ok to cuddle yoor favorite chicken at the kitchen table and go wading in the dam knee deep in mud to harvest reeds to weave yoor bags. This is not ugly dirty dirt, this is clean dirt yoo can wash off.

Ugliness is the doubt we carry too needlessly, being knee deep in debt to cover ourselves in fashion and paint. Ugliness is anger and mean words and thoughts, drugs, smoking and fast food are the ugly dirty dirt yoo cannot wash off.

Glow naturally, age naturally and cleanly is the most beyootiful and kind thing yoo can do for yoo.

eco-seed-to-skin-care-Gemma-and-graham P.s. Yes, this is Gemma cuddling her chook at the table.