Return, Reuse, Reduce Packaging

We have been going bonkers on how we can actually be even more sustainable.


1. Wash out the container
2. Take off the labels
3. Return them instore
@Sprout wholefood
@Markets at Lamont

4. Or post them back to us
2938 Mt Darragh road
Wyndham, NSW, 2550

It was our Pasion to live a eco Sustainable life style, it than became our purpose to create a eco Sustainable income.

So over the years we have been working on how to best make our packaging sustainable, it wasn’t easy, we sussed out

  • Ocean waste plastic – though we found out that you still need a large portion of virgin plastic to stabilise it.
  • Refills – they have to be in plastic unrecyclable materials – so no to that
  • Recycling the glass – in Australia all recycled glass goes to road base, good but not great.
  • Aluminium recycling is the most recycled material though not back into packaging for us and its put onto the consumer to do the right thing.

So we wanted to make sure that we became responsible for our own packaging.

We even had a university group help us, we came back to Reuse it. So than we had to work out HOW!!!

After reinvesting into our business, not us (no trips to Hawaii for us 🙂 infact we have spent 180K in a new stand alone solar system to run the equipment to sterilise the packaging.

First we run it through the Commercial dish washer than the hospital grade Auto clave to sterilise them to than refill YAY!