Hormonal Pimple Kit with free shipping



Meet the Hormonal Pimple Kit.

Including our BEYOO staples Scrub Cleanser + Toner. Add in the Pimple Clay + Mineral Mask & don’t look back!

Follow the BEYOO daily pimple regime below, it’s super simple.¬†Use the mask once a month to draw the impurities to the surface & treat all at once!


  1. Tone yoor face before yoo pop yoor mask on.
  2. Make yoor powder up with a little water or Pimple Oil to a toothpaste consistency.
  3. Apply & leave to draw all the impurities out.
  4. Scrub in the shower with our Scrub Cleanser to clean out the pores & remove the clay.
  5. Tone after a shower to close the pores.
  6. Apply the Pimple Oil during the day to help dry up pesky pimples.


Green Aussie clay + White Aussie clay + Yellow Aussie clay + Magnesium + Calcium



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