At the Saarinen Organics farm, we are 100% off the grid stand alone solar system. We’ve adapted the Permaculture principles & are self sufficient!

Purpose built Solar Passive Lab that is run with our upgraded stand alone solar system that is 10 KW, with 30 solar panels and a massive battery store. A seperate solar system also runs our hot water system & bore pump. Upgrade means more manufacturing YAY. Our system we bought through our local solar buisness Pyramid Power. The whole system is monitored through apps so we can see at a glance how much power we are using and how much we are generating, fancy!



Recycling is good though reusing is SUPERIOR. We are all about sustainable care!

Australia’s second highest recycled product is glass. Follow the cycle, embodied energy to sift through all the rubbish to retrieve it, it must then be washed to a certain point, then crushed & used in road base! Which is great.

Though if yoo could wash yoor glass jars out yoorself & then refill it the embodied energy is minimal. So guess what? That is what we are working on right now, sterilising & refilling yoor jars. Even better 🙌🏼


Liquid skincare solutions or creamy skin based solutions contain quite a lot of water or water-based infusions, our Beyoo Products are ALL herbal infusion based. Unless yoor manufacturer is completely transparent, yoo wouldn’t know the origin of the water nor what type. It could be tap water for all yoo know & contain chlorine, fluoride or any measure of preservatives to prevent spoilage. Perhaps the skincare manufacturer is not even aware of what the water contains, as it’s not their priority or their ‘key ingredient’. Perhaps they’ve overlooked the fact that their ‘floral water’ may not come from the purest of sources or have been contaminated with chemicals & preservatives in the process from the company they buy it from. Perhaps the containers it’s delivered in aren’t BPA free & this chemical could be leeching into yoor products & into yoor skin, compromising the integrity of the products yoo buy + use.

Meet our stainless steel, food grade water tank!

Hank the Tank captures fresh rainwater on our farm, situated 200 metres from a beautiful National Park. It’s the water we drink from, the water we use to bathe AND use to make our herbal infusions for our creams.

So yoo know exactly where our water comes from, yoo know exactly how our herbal infusions are made, yoo know that the water used for our products is no lesser quality than the water the manufacturers themselves would personally drink.

It’s a highly overlooked ingredient in the manufacture of skincare products, as it’s the most basic & not the ‘active’ ingredient most companies wish to promote. It’s in everything & it’s hugely important, at least when it comes to products of integrity.

I urge yoo to think about the products yoo use & consider this, if yoo wouldn’t eat it, then don’t put it on yoor skin!

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