Hormonal Mask



Use the Hormonal Pimple Clay Mask once a month to bring all the nasties to the surface, then treat all at once.


  1. Tone yoor face before yoo pop yoor mask on
  2. Make yoor powder up with a little water or Pimple Spot Treatment to a toothpaste consistency
  3. Apply & leave to draw all the impurities out
  4. Scrub in the shower with the Scrub Cleanser to clean out the pores & remove the clay
  5. Tone after the shower to close the pores
  6. Apply the Pimple Spot Treatment during the day to help dry up any pesky pimples

Our Clay mask comes in powder form, why? Activated Clays (that contain liquid) have a short shelf life. This way yoor mask will last for a long time, use as yoo need!

  • Green Aussie clay
  • White Aussie clay
  • Yellow Aussie clay
  • Magnesium
  • Calcium